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Auspiced by the Schizophrenia Fellowship NSW

Beautiful Minds


  Activities at Harmony House


The Clubhouse Program


Beautiful Minds supports in every way possible Harmony House at Bradbury, Campbelltown.   Funds raised have resulted in extensive renovations to assist the change to a “Clubhouse” model.   This evidence based model is seen as the most effective in the world  in helping people with a mental illness.

Although moving away from the former Day to Day Living Program Harmony House staff will continue to provide the same levels of support to its members by working side by side to build strong positive relationships.

The daily activities that take place within the “Clubhouse” program focus on the ability and strength of its members not their illness. It provides a supportive environment to help people rebuild their confidence, learn new or re-learn old skills, socialise or provide a stepping  stone into study or employment.   Some members have enrolled in TAFE courses and are supported by staff  and members.

  Clubhouse activities currently available for members to be involved in include:

        Working in the Kitchen which prepares low cost lunch four days a week for members – planning the menu, shopping,  budgeting/balancing           money

        Administrative activities – looking after the reception centre, answering phones, learning office and computer  skills, produce a

         monthly  calendar and brochures, conducting tours of the facility

        House and Garden Maintenance – maintaining the vegetable gardens, small maintenance issues, house cleaning and gardening

        Outreach and Social Activities – contacting members by phone, visiting members who are unwell, being Guest Speakers and

         organising outings

        Some activities occur daily:    Kitchen, Administration, Maintenance

        Others may be done weekly:  Hospital visits               

        Or monthly :                             Guest Speaking at Waratah

       Members input is vital in this program and this is done via house meetings, morning catch ups and talking with staff.   

       Harmony House  staff will always offer one on one support for members and are happy to help them set goals and work towards achieving them.         However, participation is voluntary and no one is asked to do anything they do not feel comfortable about.

       If you would like to have a look at Harmony House, the staff are more than happy to show you around and explain the program.   

       House Manager Chris can be contacted on  Ph: 02 46 20 8888.

 Achievements at Harmony House

 A completely new kitchen renovation was completed in 2011

 Bathroom renovations were undertaken in 2012

 In 2013 a large extension was completed, giving more practical space for staff and members. This project cost $130,000  and the  money   was raised   from a grant won by Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW and Beautiful Minds, a kind donation from Lend

  Lease and the on-going fund raising activities of our Committee.

 In 2014 Harmony House moves to the Clubhouse model helping it become a centre of excellence in mental health recovery

 in Campbelltown

Harmony House